Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Values
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Our Mission

Our mission is to help authors get over limiting fears, design challenges, and technical hurdles so they can publish works they can be proud of and start building their professional writing careers. 

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Our Vision

Build a community of author/writers who are living their best lives and helping others to live theirs.

Our Values

Three wildebeest outlines on black background with our be yourself, run wild, and take leaps tagline in white

Be Yourself


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access


Radical Candor

Run Wild


Embracing Fun


Sustainable people and planet


Take Leaps


Grit (Mapache Spirit)

Extreme Accountability

The 4 Agreements


Our Team

Laura Thorne
CEO & Co-Chief Beest

Laura is an entrepreneur with a background in environmental science, writing, coding, coaching, and more. She is a certified Project Management Professional, helping to ensure all our projects run smoothly. Having traveled the world by plane, train, horse, and RV, she is a professional leap-taker and considers the Wildebeest as her go-to Animal Spirit.

Jess Neiding
CFO & Co-Chief Beest

Jess is an editor with a background in HR, finances, and event planning. Her experience with HR and accounting keep our house in order. She is a certified instigator of silliness and often seen giving everyone else kudos while taking none for herself. Her Animal Spirit, the Mapache (raccoon), is always with her.

Jordyn Enrile - Operations Manager

 Jordyn is a dedicated college student pursuing a B.A. in Information Science. Her passion lies in the exploration of the world of words and stories. Her spirit animal, the octopus, reflects her appreciation for the diverse ways creativity can reach out in various directions, embracing the wonders of the world.

Design Team

Our design team is contracted to delivery high-quality interior and cover designs on demand. The expert team has years of experience and extensive knowledge about the various print and ebook regulations.

Marketing Team

Our marketing and social media experts are on hand for us as well as our authors. Contact us to learn how we can assist you with your book promotion.  

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