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Here are our starting costs. There are additional factors and add-on services that could increase the total but we educate our authors throughout the process so you never have to feel in the dark.

Herd Trek (Publishing Done WITH You)

Starting at $1,500

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Have an idea but no time or interest in learning how to be a publisher? Let us walk you through the process and publish it together. We will take the heavy lifting off your hands and help manage and promote your publication.


  • Consultation meetings
  • Accountability
  • Design help
  • Technical assistance
  • Help with proofing and editing
*There is a lower up front cost associated with this level. We manage the sales and have a royalty share for a determined percentage and duration. There is a lower up front cost associated with this level.

Done FOR You Workbook and Journal Publishing

Starting at $3,000

We’ll help you from start to finish but you are ultimately the publisher and manager of your sales. 


  • Consultation Meetings
  • Accountability
  • Design Help
  • Technical Assistance and
  • Help with Proofing and Editing

You retain 100% of royalties and sales. There is a higher up front cost associated with this option.


Corporate Publications

Starting at $2,500

Improved branding and focus employee documents on the values you want to see in them on the job. 


  • HR Oversight
  • Editing
  • Design
*Each project is quoted to meet your unique goals.

Sherpa Trek


Self Publisher Assistance

Don’t waste time trying to figure everything out on your own and certainly don’t wait another 5 or 10 years to ever get your ideas published. Book a consultation today so you can get started!


*Special rates apply for non-profits and other hardships. Pay only for the hours you need.

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Not sure which is right for you or just need some questions answered to get to the next step in your self-publishing journey? Schedule an hour with one of our experts. 

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