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We help authors get over limiting fears, design challenges, and technical hurdles to get their books out into the world and start building their future platforms.

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One thing we've learned is that self-publishing is not as easy as it seems like it should be and that it can be terrifying to put yourself out there without a safety net.

We break the process down into 5 distinct phases to help ensure you understand the steps, get the right help at the right time, and ultimately succeed in your author's journey without falling into any of the potential pitfalls.

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Handmade and Original Book Merch Coming Soon

Do you make book covers, book marks, carrying cases, or other unique book related products? We will be adding gifts for book lovers and leap takers. Contact us for partnership options.

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Our authors are coaches, consultants, role models, entrepreneurs, and people who's ideas will help others take leaps and achieve their dreams. In our 1-hour consultation we'll answer all of your questions about getting your idea published.

Wether you end up doing it yourself or having us do it for you, learning what do to next and how it works is the the most valuable step you'll take in your author's journey.

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