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Welcome to our self-publishing resources page! We understand that not everyone can or wants to pay for our services, so we've compiled a list of helpful resources to aid in your self-publishing journey. Here, you'll find a curated list of resources that can help you navigate the self-publishing process, from editing and design to marketing and distribution. We've organized these resources into categories to help you find what you need more easily.

Please note that the links on this page may change over time and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or quality of the content found on external websites. Use of any external website is subject to their terms and conditions.

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Suggested Tips for Getting Started


  • Connect with a local writing community. 
  • Find a partner to help hold you accountable to your goals
  • Find a local entrepreneur or business incubator in your area
  • Look for funding to support you in your writing journey, getting a sponsor, applying for a grant, or applying for a writing residency. 
  • Read through the resources provided below and use one of the publishing guides for direction.


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Self Publishing Guides

  • The Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC): The IPRC is a nonprofit organization that provides self-publishing resources and support to independent authors. They offer workshops, classes, and access to printing equipment. They also have a free downloadable guide to self-publishing available on their website, here.
  • The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi): The ALLi is a global nonprofit organization that provides support and resources to self-publishing authors. They offer a range of guides and resources on their website, including a guide to self-publishing and a guide to choosing a self-publishing service. View the guide here.
  • The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA): The IBPA is a non-profit trade organization for independent publishers, providing advocacy, education, and resources to help them succeed in the industry. Watch webinar here.
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Nonprofit Organizations

Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA): IBPA is a non-profit trade association for independent book publishers. They offer a range of resources and benefits, including access to industry information, discounts on services and products, and networking opportunities.


Association of American Publishers (AAP): AAP is a trade organization for the American publishing industry, with a focus on advocacy, education, and information sharing. They offer a range of benefits, including access to industry research, networking events, and professional development opportunities.

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Writing Tools

  • Grammarly: A free online grammar and spell-check tool that provides real-time feedback and suggestions for improving your writing. (
  • Hemingway Editor: An online tool that helps writers simplify their writing and make it more clear and concise. (
  • ProWritingAid: An online writing editor that offers suggestions for improving writing style, grammar, and spelling. (
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Alternative Publishing Platforms

  • Smashwords: An ebook distribution platform that allows authors to self-publish their work for free and sell it on various online retailers. (
  • Draft2Digital: An ebook distribution platform that offers free self-publishing services, including formatting and distribution to multiple retailers. (
  • Lulu: A self-publishing platform that allows authors to publish and sell their books for free, and also offers paid services for additional support. (
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Marketing and Promotion

  • BookBub: A book discovery platform that offers free and discounted ebooks to millions of subscribers. Authors can submit their books for consideration to be included in BookBub's featured deals. (
  • Goodreads: A social network for book lovers that allows authors to promote their books, connect with readers, and participate in author Q&A sessions. (
  • Reedsy Discovery: A book discovery platform that allows authors to submit their books for review by a team of professional reviewers. Selected books are featured on the Reedsy Discovery platform and can gain exposure to new readers. (
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Suggested Reading

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Book Design and Formatting

  • Canva: A free online graphic design tool that offers templates and design elements for creating book covers and other graphics. (
  • Reedsy: A platform that connects authors with professional designers and formatters who can help them create a high-quality book design. (
  • Kindle Create: A free formatting tool offered by Amazon that allows authors to format their manuscript for ebook and print publishing. (


Please note that the links on this resource page may change over time and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or quality of the content found on these external websites. We are not responsible for the advice, services, or products offered on these websites. Use of any external website is subject to their terms and conditions.

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