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No matter where you are in the process of writing your book, we're here to help.
Use the table below to see the descriptions of the phases and the associated services we typically recommend.





This is the phase where you have an idea about a book and are starting to get some of it down on paper. The idea is not fully formed until you are ready to start writing each section of the book. 



This is where you’re writing all the text/manuscript that will go into the book. You may also be collecting photos, getting graphics and illustrations made, or working on the book layout.

Graphic Design


Getting to this phase is a huge accomplishment! At this point, your book's text/manuscript/design is nearly finished and we begin pulling all of the information together to create the specs of your book and build your contract. Whether you choose the HERD or the SHERPA TREK we’ll guide you through getting your book on Amazon. 

Choose Sherpa (You publish) or Herd (We publish) Trek. See the differences here


In this phase we’ll be working with our designers to produce the final layout for publishing. We’ll simultaneously work with you to fine tune final minor details to ensure we put out a high-quality book.

See list of Add-On options.


Congratulations! At this point, if we’re working together in the Herk Trek service we will be collaborating on how to market your book, planning a book release, writing a press release, and getting your book sales off on the right foot. 

Marketing Management
Some marketing included in Herd Trek option.

*Maintaining a high quality list of books on our roster as well as books that fit within our area of expertise means that not every book project will be approved to work with us.

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