Such a Tapestry

by Kunal Vyas

Such a Tapestry is a collection of poems that encapsulates the journey of Kunal Vyas, a man who has traversed various stages of life, embracing the lessons learned, experiences gained, and the profound impact of love. This tapestry of verses weaves together reflections from his youth to his later years, showcasing the wisdom, growth, and emotions that have shaped him into who he is today.


Through his collection of poems, Vyas provides readers with a window into his life and the incredible lessons he has learned. He fearlessly delves into the pain, loss, love, and wisdom looking to forge a deeper connection with his audience. By openly accepting and sharing his emotions, Vyas uses his poetry to convey the depths of his many experiences. 

In Such A Tapestry, Vyas imparts the hard-earned lessons and wisdom he has gleaned throughout his journey.. However, the author's collection extends beyond the somber tones. He also shares his experiences of love, reminding readers that life encompasses more than just suffering. Through his words, he communicates the transformative power of love and its ability to bring joy and warmth into our lives.

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About the Author

Who is Kunal M. Vyas? He is you and me. He is the prevalent thought of the passing moment; he’s as much sadness and hurt as he exhibits felicity and bliss. He, you can say, is an eternal explorer of his self and a rather confounding world.

Living in America with Asian roots, he understands the importance of cultural identity and preserving it in an ever-evolving world. Between the years  2007 and 2009, he completed undergraduate degrees in psychology and economics and in 2011, a graduate degree in the field of International Development from American University.  Living with multiple sclerosis has given him a unique perspective on the world. Kunal has learned many languages and paints a world filled with color and intrigue. His love for wordcraft knows no bounds, as he uses his nose to type enchanting and visceral phrases onto page after page.

His first book, Such a Tapestry, is an introspective and deeply personal,  reflective work exploring the author’s inner thoughts and emotions via poetry and creative writing. It artistically covers themes such as love, loss, identity, and self-discovery while inspiring readers to reflect upon their own experiences.  These dreams lead him to a place where the stars blanket the night sky and his mother's lap is always accessible. His thoughtful point of view is not one to be missed.