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Book an Hour Consultation to get your book project moving for only $150* 


Our authors are coaches, consultants, role models, entrepreneurs, and Beests with ideas that inspire others to take leaps and chase their dreams. In our one-hour consultation, we'll answer all of your questions about getting your idea published.

Whether you self-publish or lean into a little more guidance with our herd, learning the next steps is invaluable to your author's journey.

The hour is yours to choose from topics such as: 

★ What to actually do with your book idea?

★ The steps of self-publishing your book

★ Technical assistance with self-publishing hurdles

★ How to get your children's book published

★ Accountability tools to help you reach your goals

★ Editing Guidance/services

★ Design Ideas/assistance

★ General Q&A

*Cost of consultation can be applied to future book contracts


Choose a Coach

Our experienced authors and editors have diverse backgrounds and are ready to assist you in your book-writing journey. If you know what you're looking for, select from one of our experts below. If you are looking for general help, click the consultation button at the bottom of the page and we'll find the guide best suited for your needs.

Laura Thorne

Laura is has a technical and science background and has published 6 workbooks and journals and is a certified project manager.

Book with Laura for help with: project management, design, workbooks, and technical help. 

Pay and schedule

Jess Neiding

Jess has a background in creative writing and event planning, financials, HR, and editing. 

Book with Jess for help with: editing, story development, ideation, and operational support.

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Once you have a great idea for a book, whether it's a workbook, a memoir, a fantastical tale, or other stories that will make a positive impact, you won't be able to stop thinking about it until you get it out into the world.

The time has come, let us help you make some magic happen. Consultations are one hour and cost $150.

During our chat, we will answer your questions and give you creative guidance to help you take the next step in your adventure. 

*consultations are not contractual agreements, although cost can be applied to future contracts. 

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