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The illustrators shown on this page are people that we know personally and can vouch for their work. They work on their own and we do not take any commission from them. If you think their style would meet your needs, feel free to reach out to them directly. 


Yhali Ilan is a talented artist based in Florida with a diverse range of skills and experience in multiple mediums. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Israel, Yhali began his artistic career as a caricaturist, traveling extensively throughout Europe and the United States to hone his craft. Today, he is settled in Dunedin, Florida, where he continues to create unique and thought-provoking works of art. Yhali's art is heavily influenced by the different people he has encountered on his travels, as well as his own experiences and observations of the world around him. He sees people as a fascinating blend of natural and synthetic elements, and his art explores the intricate relationship between the two. Whether through painting, sculpture, or digital media, Yhali's work is characterized by its depth, complexity, and striking visual style. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms, Yhali is a true innovator in his field.

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Kara Daviau

Naturally curious, Kara Lynn Daviau is a fine artist currently exploring her passion as a creator. From a young age she has had a fascination with texture and surface quality and her current works continue this thread. She has been awarded an array of accolades from galleries and museums along the eastern coast of the United States for her hyper realistic acrylic paintings. As a free-lance illustrator, she paints digitally on her tablet creating similar realities to her acrylic compositions. Inspiring young creators drives her passion and also teaches high school art in a suburb of Syracuse, New York. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Science in Art Education from Syracuse University. Kara resides in Upstate New York with her two sons and basset hound. 

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Karen Sehn

Karen is an artist and illustrator living and working out of Syracuse. She has an illustrated a total of 7 children’s books in various stages of publication. Her characters range from silly and loveable kids to adorable wildlife to beautiful aquatic specimens.
Her illustration journey began, as most do, with doodles on notebook pages and has transformed over the years to highly detailed and dynamic artwork.
In addition to illustrations, she has also worked on a wide range of other interesting projects such as wine label design, whiskey barrel customization, wall murals and wedding signs. Her ability to take on the unexpected challenges with enthusiasm makes her a valued member of the art community.



When she’s not illustrating children’s books you can find her working at a local hospital during the day and painting custom art on canvas in the evening or performing live wedding paintings on the weekends. Her major passion for artwork is with wildlife paintings such as horses, bears and all varieties of dogs. She loves to paint using a realistic style with a bit of colorful whimsy. Her wedding paintings incorporate a beautiful sense of movement and capture the energy of the moment.

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Melquea Smith

Melquea is a New York based illustrator with an obsession with children’s media. The last episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic made her cry, and Steven Universe’s storytelling makes her tingle down to her toes. When not illustrating, you can find her watching cartoons and animated movies, learning all about Japan, practicing Spanish with her cat Kilala, and giving her other cat Bumblebee pats on her super fluffy tummy.

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Noella Borie

Noella Borie David is a creative animation art director with over 10 years of experience in traditional animation, illustration, and film production. Known for her fearless artistry and innovative concepts, she gained a following for her work on Faceless Neil. From 2016 to 2023, she worked at Paramount, earning two Best in Show awards for branded content. Noella excels in leading teams from concept to completion, ensuring timely and budget-conscious project delivery. Since moving to NYC in 2006, she has worked on award-winning short films, commercials, and social media campaigns.

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