Life in Marshall

By Sandra Gowing 

This work has been written to document real-life stories that represent a snapshot in time and place. The work is being published for friends, family, and those interested in the nostalgia of a time and place. 

Step back in time to the enchanting world of 1950s small-town Michigan with this charming autobiographical tale. The author, Sandra Gowing, takes us on a nostalgic journey through the streets of Marshall, offering glimpses into the joys, challenges, and transformative moments that shaped her childhood.

Get lost in the sights of the era, sounds of the porch swing hitting the railing, and scents of penny candy being devoured in the Deep Cut. Sandra and her sister, Judy, search for adventure and happen upon innocent mischief as they explore their new hometown with their loyal dog, Skeeter. Whether you lived the experience of the 1950s or simply yearn for a glimpse into the past, this delightful memoir will transport you to a time filled with innocence, hope, and the profound beauty of small-town life.

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About the Author

Sandra Gowing, a retired nurse, mother, and grandmother, is finally sharing her gift for storytelling with the world. She spent many years, literally and figuratively, visiting her former home to create this delightful memoir about the years spent in Marshall, Michigan. She is currently collecting more family memories to preserve in her second book, a  historical novel exploring the lives of her maternal grandparents and their time during World War I.  She briefly introduces the starring characters in Life in Marshall and left us wanting to learn more. Sandra currently lives in Syracuse, New York with her husband, Charlie, and still has adventures with her sister Judy.