My Animal Spirit: A Journal Series

My Animal Spirit is a series of multi-purpose journals intended to help readers access and utilize the strengths that lie within themselves to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Each journal features a different Animal Spirit with beautiful original cover art and a unique description of the Animal Spirit’s characteristics. Are you in need of the cunning of the Fox? The wisdom of the Owl? The self-assuredness of the Bear? Whatever your goals or obstacles, there is an Animal Spirit for you. By channeling the strengths of your chosen animal, you can make actionable change in your life. 

Choose your spiritual Beestie, channel its strengths, and achieve your goals today. 

Wildebeest Edition

Fox Edition

The Fox edition is perfect for anyone looking to bring out their inner problem-solver. Features cover art by Aldea Gerard. Available on Amazon!

Owl Edition

The Owl edition is perfect for anyone looking to gain clarity and understanding of the world around them. Features cover art by Christy Lemp. Available on Amazon!

Tiger Edition

The Tiger edition is perfect for anyone looking to amp up their personal power. Features cover art by Kimberley Alludia. Available on Amazon! 

Unicorn Edition


Bear Edition (COMING SOON)

Keep an eye out for the Bear edition on Amazon!