A New Blog Runs Wild!

about wpc stephen huffaker Jun 27, 2022
A herd of wildebeest stands on a grassy plain.

Hello, Beesties! 

Welcome to Wildebeest Publishing Company! We are an up-and-coming indie publishing company based in Syracuse, NY with a special focus on journals, workbooks, planners, and guides. We help inspired coaches, consultants, first-time authors, and companies create and publish meaningful content.

We believe in encouraging everyone to be brave and tell their unique stories. Just remember our motto: Be Yourself. Run Wild. Take Leaps.

In this blog, we’ll be chatting about all things publishing, writing, and book-related. We’ll also share inspiring stories from fellow Beesties and fun extra content. 

Fun wildebeest fact: A group of wildebeest is called an improbability. That’s why we believe you should pursue all your goals, no matter how improbable. Join the herd and take leaps with us!  

We’ll leave you with some more interesting facts about our mascot, the wildebeest. 

  • Wildebeest is the Dutch word for wild beast. Wildebeest are also called gnus. 
  • During their yearly migration, wildebeest plunge through rivers filled with dangerous Nile crocodiles. 
  • Both male and female wildebeest have horns. 
  • There are two species of wildebeest: The more common blue wildebeest, and the less common black wildebeest. 
  • Wildebeest can live up to 20 years. 

Stay wild!